Stem Cell Metabolism Cover

Cell Press has chosen two Teitell lab publications for its special reprint edition. These publications include: Metabolism in Pluripotent Stem Cells and Early Mammalian Development by Jin Zhang, Jing Zhao, Perrine Dahan, Vivian Lu, Cheng Zhang, Hu Li, and Michael A. Teitell, published in 2018; and α-Ketoglutarate Accelerates the Initial Differentiation of Primed Human Pluripotent Stem Cells by Tara TeSlaa, Andrea C. Chaikovsky, Inna Lipchina, Sandra L. Escobar, Konrad Hochedlinger, Jing Huang, Thomas G. Graeber, Daniel Braas, and Michael A. Teitell published in 2016. (For links to these publications, please see below.)


Of the chosen publications, Cell Stem Cell editor, Anh Nguyen, wrote the following in her forward address: “This Cell Press Selection highlights papers and reviews that investigate how metabolic flux in PSCs is linked to both maintaining stemness and cell fate decisions. Understanding these stage-specific metabolic demands is critical for informing reprogramming efforts towards a variety of pluripotent states. These articles also explore the mechanisms through which aging and various disorders can impact stem cell metabolism, particularly through mitochondrial damage. Furthermore, these articles highlight the development of PSC-based platforms for discovery of potential therapeutic strategies to rejuvenate impaired metabolism in aging and to treat metabolic diseases.”

  • Zhang, J., Zhao, J., Dahan, P., Lu, V., Zhang, C., Li, H., and Teitell, M.A. Metabolism in Pluripotent Stem Cells and Early Mammalian Development.Cell Metabolism, 2018 February 6; 27(2), 332-338. | Link  PDF   
  • TeSlaa, T., Chaikovsky, A.C., Lipchina, I., Escobar, S.L., Hochedlinger, L., Huang, J., Graeber, T.G., Braas, D., and Teitell, M.A. α-Ketoglutarate Accelerates the Initial Differentiation of Primed Human Pluripotent Stem Cells.Cell Metabolism, 2016 September 13; 24: 1-9. PMCID: PMC5023506 | Link  PDF   
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