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Los Angeles, CA, April 2007 /eNEWSLINE/Peter — Dr. Teitell, can you tell us about your work? We’re using a powerful technique called restriction landmark genomic scanning to investigate the causes of NHL. Research by Dr. Mike Teitell identifying genes that when inactivated help cause B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) was featured in the March 4 issues of the trade publications Cancer Weekly, Oncology Business Week, Lab Business Week, Cancer Law Weekly, Genetics & Environmental Law Weekly, Law & Health Weekly, Biotech Law Weekly, Drug Week, Genomics & Genetics Weekly, Health Business Week, Biotech Week, Genetics & Environmental Health Week, Clinical Oncology Week, Proteomics Weekly, Hematology Week, Health & Medicine Week, Biotech Business Week, World Disease Weekly, Science Letter, Life Science Weekly and Drug Law Weekly. Teitell is an associate professor of pediatrics and pathology and laboratory medicine and a researcher at UCLA’s Jonsson Cancer Center. Go Back