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Papers Presented from July 1, 2004 Onward:

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Perrine Dahan MYC Controls Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Fate Decisions through Regulation of Metabolic Flux. Cliff TS, Wu T, Boward BR, Yin A, Yin H, Glushka JN, Prestegaard JH, Dalton S. Cell Stem Cell. 5 October 2017; 21(4): 502-516.e9. Link


Laura Jimenez CDK4/6 inhibition triggers anti-tumour immunity. Goel S, DeCristo MJ, Watt AC, BrinJones H, Sceneay J, Li BB, Khan N, Ubellacker JM, Xie S, Metzger-Filho O, Hoog J, Ellis MJ, Ma CX, Ramm S, Krop IE, Winer EP, Roberts TM, Kim HJ, McAllister SS, Zhao JJ. Nature. 24 August 2017; 548(7668): 471-475. Link


Jason Hong Mitochondrial Pyruvate Import Promotes Long-Term Survival of Antibody-Secreting Plasma Cells. Lam WY, Becker AM, Kennerly KM, Wong R, Curtis JD, Llufrio EM, McCommis KS, Fahrmann J, Pizzato HA, Nunley RM, Lee J, Wolfgang MJ, Patti GJ, Finck BN, Pearce EL, Bhattacharya D. Immunity. 19 July 2016; 45(1): 60-73. Link


Alexander Sercel Parkinson's Disease-Related Proteins PINK1 and Parkin Repress Mitochondrial Antigen Presentation. Matheoud D, Sugiura A, Bellemare-Pelletier A, Laplante A, Rondeau C, Chemali M, Fazel A, Bergeron JJ, Trudeau LE, Burelle Y, Gagnon E, McBride HM, Desjardins M. Cell. 14 July 2016; 166(2): 314-327. Link


Diane Kim Asymmetric inheritance of mTORC1 kinase activity during division dictates CD8+ T cell differentiation. Pollizzi KN, Sun IH, Patel CH, Lo YC, Oh MH, Waickman AT, Tam AJ, Blosser RL, Wen J, Delgoffe GM, Powell JD. Nature Immunology. 11 April 2016; 17(6): 704-711. Link
11/10/2016 Thang Nguyen Phase correlation imaging of unlabeled cell dynamics. Ma L, Rajshekhar G, Wang R, Bhaduri B, Sridharan S, Mir M, Chakraborty A, Iyer R, Prasanth S, Millet L, Gillette MU, Popescu G. Scientific Reports. 12 September 2016; 32702(6): 1-9. Link
9/22/2016 Fasih Ahsan LKB1 inhibits HPV-associated cancer progression by targeting cellular metabolism. Zeng Q, Chen J, Li Y, Werle KD, Zhao RX, Quan CS, Wang YS, Zhai YX, Wang JW, Youssef M, Cui R, Liang J, Genovese N, Chow LT, Li YL, Xu ZX. Oncogene. 22 August 2016; Epub ahead of print: 1-11. Link
8/11/2016 Tara TeSlaa Metabolic Competition in the Tumor Microenvironment Is a Driver of Cancer Progression. Chang CH, Qiu J, O’Sullivan D, Buck MD, Noguchi T, Curtis JD, Chen Q, Gindin M, Gubin MM, van der Windt GJ, Tonc E, Schreiber RD, Pearce EJ, Pearce EL. Cell. 10 September 2015; 162(6): 1229-41. Link
7/28/16 Alexander Patananan Training intensity modulates changes in PGC-1alpha and p53 protein content and mitochondrial respiration, but not markers of mitochondrial content in human skeletal muscle. Granata C, Oliveira RSF, Little JP, Renner K, Bishop DJ. The FASEB Journal Research Communication. February 2016; 30(2): 959-70. Link
5/19/16 Eriko Shimada Maintenance and propagation of a deleterious mitochondrial genome by the mitochondrial unfolded protein response. Lin Y-F, Schulz AM, Pellegrino MW, Lu Y, Shaham S, Haynes CM. Nature. 2 May 2016; doi:10.1038/nature17989. [Epub ahead of print] Link
4/21/16 Lynnea Waters AMP-activated protein kinase mediates mitochondrial fission in response to energy stress. Toyama EQ, Herzig S, Courchet J, Lewis Jr. TL, Losón OC, Hellberg K, Young NP, Chen H, Polleux F, Chan DC, Shaw RJ. Science. 15 January 2016; 351(6270): 275-281 Link
1/28/16 Dian Huang BRAF Mutants Evade ERK-Dependent Feedback by Different Mechanisms that Determine Their Sensitivity to Pharmacologic Inhibition. Yao Z, Torres N, Tao A, Gao Y, Luo L, Li Q, de Stanchina E, Abdel-Wahab O, Solit D, Poulikakos P, Rosen N. Cancer Cell. 14 September 2015; 28: 370-383 Link
11/19/15 Jason Hong Regulatory T Cells in Tumor-Associated Tertiary Lymphoid Structures Suppress Anti-tumor T Cell Responses. Joshi N, Akama-Garren E, Lu Y, Lee D-Y, Chang G, Li A, DuPage M, Tammela T, Kerper N, Farago A, Robbins R, Crowley D, Bronson R, Jacks T Immunity. 15 September 2015 Link
10/15/15 Thang Nguyen A Spatial Model Predicts that Dispersal and Cell Turnover Limit Intratumour Heterogeneity. Waclaw B, Bozic I, Pittman M, Hruban R, Vogelstein B, Nowak M. Nature. 10 September 2015; 525: 261-264 Link
9/10/15 Diane Kim Hemagglutinin-Stem Nanoparticles Generate Heterosubtypic Influenza Protection. Yassine H, Boyington J, McTamney P, Wei1 C-J, Kanekiyo M, Kong W-P, Gallagher J, Wang L, Zhang Y, Joyce M, Lingwood D, Moin S, Andersen H, Okuno Y, Rao S, Harris A, Kwong P, Mascola J, Nabel G, Graham B Nature Medicine. 24 August 2015 Link
8/6/15 Alex Patananan Metabolic Rescue in Pluripotent Cells From Patients with mtDNA Disease. Ma H, Folmes C, Wu J, Morey R, Mora-Castilla S, Ocampo A, Ma L, Poulton J, Wang X, Ahmed R, Kang E, Lee Y, Hayama T, Li Y, Van Dyken C, Gutierrez N, Tippner-Hedges R, Koski1 A, Mitalipov N, Amato P, Wolf D,Huang T, Terzic A, Laurent L, Belmonte J, Mitalipov S. Nature. 15 July 2015; 14546: 1-5 Link
6/25/15 Lynnea Waters Compartmentalized AMPK Signaling Illuminated by Genetically Encoded Molecular Sensors and Actuators. Miyamoto T, Rho E, Sample V, Akano H, Magari M, Ueno T, Gorshkov K, Chen M, Tokumitsu H, Zhang J, Inoue T. Cell Reports. 28 April 2015; 11: 657-670 Link
5/21/15 Eriko Shimada Mitochondrial DNA Stress Primes the Antiviral Innate Immune Response. West A, Khoury-Hanold W, Staron M, Tal M, Pineda C, Lang S, Bestwick M, Duguay B, Raimundo N, MacDuff D, Kaech S, Smiley J, Means R, Iwasaki A, Shadel G. Nature. 23 April 2015; 520: 553-557 Link
4/9/15 Tara TeSlaa Glycolysis-Mediated Changes in Acetyl-CoA and Histone Acetylation Control the Early Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells. Moussaieff A, Rouleau M, Kitsberg D, Cohen M, Levy G, Barasch D, Nemirovski A, Shen-Orr S, Laevsky I, Amit M, Bomze D, Elena-Herrmann B, Scherf T, Nissim-Rafinia M, Kempa S, Itskovitz-Eldor J, Meshorer E, Aberdam D, Nahmias Y Cell Metabolism. 3 March 2015; 21: 392-402 Link
1/29/15 Mahta Nili MicroRNA Directly Enhances Mitochondrial Translation during Muscle Differentiation. Zhang X, Zuo X, Yang B, Li Z, Xue Y, Zhou Y, Huang J, Zhao X, Zhou J, Yan Y, Zhang H, Guo P, Sun H, Guo L, Zhang Y, Fu X-D. Cell. 31 July 2014; 158: 607-619 Link
11/20/14 Dian Huang Oncogenic BRAF induces chronic ER stress condition resulting in increased basal autophagy and apoptotic resistance of cutaneous melanoma. Corazzari M, Rapino F, Ciccosanti F, Giglio P, Antonioli M, Conti B, Fimia GM, Lovat PE, Piacentini M Cell Death and Differentiation. 7 November 2014; 1-13 Link
10/16/14 Rani Najdi Arginine Methylation of CRTC2 Is Critical in the Transcriptional Control of Hepatic Glucose Metabolism. Han H-S, Jung C-Y, Yoon Y-S, Choi S, Choi D, Kang G, Park K-G, Kim S-T, Koo S-H. Science Signaling. 25 February 2014; 7(314) ra19: 1-9 Link
9/11/14 Nicole Walsh An AMPK-Independent Signaling Pathway Downstream of the LKB1 Tumor Suppressor Controls Snail1 and Metastatic Potential. Goodwin J, Svensson R, Lou H, Winslow M, Turk B, Shaw R Molecular Cell. 7 August 2014; 55: 436-450 Link
8/21/14 Jason Hong Polar Body Genome Transfer for Preventing the Transmission of Inherited Mitochondrial Diseases. Wang T, Sha H, Ji D, Zhang H, Chen D, Cao Y, Zhu J. Cell. 19 June 2014; 157: 1591-1604 Link
7/10/14 Eriko Shimada A Bicistronic MAVS Transcript Highlights a Class of Truncated Variants in Antiviral Immunity. Brubaker S, Gauthier A, Mills E, Ingolia N, Kagan J. Cell. 13 February 2014; 156: 800-811 Link
5/22/14 Lynnea Waters Posttranscriptional Control of T Cell Effector Function by Aerobic Glycolysis. Chang C-H, Curtis J, Maggi, Jr. L, Faubert B, Villarino A, O’Sullivan D, Huang S, van der Windt G, Blagih J, Qiu J, Weber J, Pearce E, Jones R, Pearce E. Cell. 6 June 2013; 153: 1239-1251 Link
4/24/14 Dana Case The Mitochondrial RNA-Binding Protein GRSF1 Localizes to RNA Granules and Is Required for Posttranscriptional Mitochondrial Gene Expression. Antonicka H, Sasarman F, Nishimura T, Paupe V, Shoubridge E. Cell Metabolism. 5 March 2013; 17: 386-398 Link
3/20/14 Tom Zangle Dynamics Extracted from Fixed Cells Reveal Feedback Linking Cell Growth to Cell Cycle. Kafri R,  Levy J, Ginzberg M,  Oh S,  Lahav G, Kirschner M. Nature. 28 February 2014; 494: 480-483 Link
2/20/14 Tara TeSlaa Declining NAD+ Induces a Pseudohypoxic State Disrupting Nuclear-Mitochondrial Communication during Aging. Gomes A, Price N, Ling A, Moslehi J, Montgomery M, Rajman L, White J, Teodoro J, Wrann C, Hubbard B, Mercken E, Palmeira C, de Cabo R, Rolo A, Turner N, Bell E, Sinclair D. Cell. 19 December 2013; 155: 1624-1638 Link
1/23/14 Mahta Nili Mitochondrial Fusion Directs Cardiomyocyte Differentiation via Calcineurin and Notch Signaling. Kasahara A, Cipolat S, Chen Y, Dorn II G, Scorrano L. Science. 8 November 2013; 342: 734-737 Link
10/17/13 Kiyoko Miyata High Mitochondrial Priming Sensitizes hESCs to DNA-Damage-Induced Apoptosis. Liu J, Guan X, Ryan J, Rivera A, Mock C, Agarwal V, Letai A, Lerou P, Lahav G. Cell Stem Cell. 15 August 2013; 13(4): 483-491 Link
9/12/13 Dian Huang Chase-and-Run Between Adjacent Cell Populations Promotes Directional Collective Migration. Theveneau E, Steventon B, Scarpa E, Garcia S, Trepat X, Streit A, Mayor R. Nature Cell Biology. 16 June 2013; 15(7): 763-772 Link
8/15/13 Rani Najdi The Ageing Systemic Milieu Negatively Regulates Neurogenesis and Cognitive Function. Villeda S, Luo J, Mosher K, Zou B, Britschgi M, Bieri G, Stan T, Fainberg N, Ding Z, Eggel A, Lucin K, Czirr E, Park J-S, Couillard-Despre´s S, Aigner L, Li G, Peskind E, Kaye J, Quinn J, Galasko D, Xie X, Rando T, Wyss-Coray T. Nature. 1 September 2011; 477: 90-94 Link
6/13/13 Jason Hong Germinal Center B Cells Govern Their Own Fate via Antibody Feedback. Zhang Y, Meyer-Hermann M, George L, Figge M, Khan M, Goodall M, Young S, Reynolds A, Falciani F, Waisman A, Notley C, Ehrenstein M, Kosco-Vilbois M, Toellner K-M. The Journal of Experimental Medicine. 18 Feb 2013; 210(3): 457-464 Link
5/16/13 Ting-Hsiang Wu Structural and Molecular Interrogation of Intact Biological Systems. Chung K, Wallace J, Kim S-Y, Kalyanasundaram S, Andalman A, Davidson T, Mirzabekov J, Zalocusky K, Mattis J, Denisin A, Pak S, Bernstein H, Ramakrishnan C, Grosenick L, Gradinaru V, Deisseroth K. Nature. 10 April 2013; 12107: 1-8 Link
4/18/13 Tom Zangle A Whole-Cell Computational Model Predicts Phenotype from Genotype. Karr J, Sanghvi J, Macklin D, Gutschow M, Jacobs J, Bolival, Jr. B, Assad-Garcia N, Glass J, Covert M. Cell. 20 July 2012; 150: 389-401 Link
3/14/13 Eriko Shimada Control of Nutrient Stress-InducedMetabolic Reprogramming by PKCz in Tumorigenesis.Ma L, Tao Y, Duran A, Llado V, Galvez A, Barger J, Castilla E, Chen J, Yajima T, Porollo A, Medvedovic M, Brill L, Plas D, Riedl S, Leitges M, Diaz-Meco M, Richardson A, Moscat J. Cell. 31 Jan 2013; 152: 599-611 Link
12/06/12 Tara TeSlaa c-Myc Is a Universal Amplifier of Expressed Genes in Lymphocytes and Embryonic Stem Cells. Nie Z, Hu G, Wei G, Cui K, Yamane A, Resch W, Wang R, Green D, Tessarollo L, Casellas R, Zhao K, Levens D. Cell. 28 Sep 2012; 151: 68-79 Link
10/18/12 Nicole Walsh CREPT Accelerates Tumorigenesis by Regulating the Transcription of Cell-Cycle-Related Genes.Lu D, Wu Y, Wang Y, Ren F, Wang D, Su F, Zhang Y, Yang X, Jin G, Hao X, He D, Zhai Y, Irwin D, Hu J, Sung J, Yu J, Jia B, Chang Z. Cancer Cell. 17 Jan 2012; 21: 92-104 Link
9/6/12 Mahta Nili CRIF1 Is Essential for the Synthesis and Insertion of Oxidative Phosphorylation Polypeptidesin the Mammalian Mitochondrial Membrane. Kim S, Kwon M, Ryu M, Chung H, Tadi S, Kim Y, Kim J, Lee S, Park J, Kweon G, Ryu S, Jo Y, Lee C, Hatakeyama H, Goto Y, Yim Y, Chung J, Kong Y, Shong M. Cell Metabolism. 8 Aug 2012; 16:274-283 Link
8/26/12 Jason Hong Interleukin-2 Inhibits Germinal Center Formation by Limiting T Follicular Helper Cell Differentiation.Ballesteros-Tato A, Leon B, Graf B, Moquin A, Adams P,Lund F, Randall T. Immunity. 25 May 2012; 36: 847-856 Link
7/5/12 Christine Van Horn Systemic Elevation of PTEN Inducesa Tumor-Suppressive Metabolic State.Garcia-Cao I, Song M, Hobbs R, Laurent G, Giorgi C, de Boer V, Anastasiou D, Ito K, Sasaki A, Rameh L, Carracedo A, Vander Heiden M, Cantley L, Pinton P, Haigis M, Pandolfi P. Cell. 30 Mar 2012; 149: 49-62 Link
6/21/12 Jessica Fowler The Transcription Factor Myc Controls Metabolic Reprogramming upon T Lymphocyte Activation.Wang R, Dillon C, Shi L, Milasta S, Carter R, Finkelstein D, McCormick L, Fitzgerald P, Chi H, Munger J, Green D. Immunity. 23 Dec 2011; 35: 871-882 Link
3/29/12 Ting-Hsiang Wu Single-Cell Dissection of Transcriptional Heterogeneity in Human Colon Tumors.Dalerba P, Kalisky T, Sahoo D, Rajendran P, Rothenber g M, Leyrat A, Sim S, Okamoto J, Johnston D, Qian D, Zabala M, Bueno J, Neff N, Wang J, Shelton A, Visser B, Hisamori S, Shimono Y, van de Wetering M, Clevers H, Clarke M, Quake S. Nature Biotechnology. 12 Oct 2011; 29(12):1120-1127 Link
3/1/12 Eriko Shimada Mitochondrial Outer-Membrane Protein FUNDC1 Mediates Hypoxia-Induced Mitophagy inMammalian Cells.Liu L, Feng D, Chen G, Chen M, Zheng Q, Song P, Ma Q, Zhu C, Wang R, Qi W, Huang L, Xue P, Li B, Wang X, Jin H, Wang J, Yang F, Liu P, Zhu Y, Sui S, Chen Q. Nature Cell Biology. 14 Dec 2011; 14(2):177-185 Link
1/19/12 Jen Chun Cancer Cells Cyclically Lose and Regain Drug-Resistant Highly Tumorigenic Features Characteristic of a Cancer Stem-like Phenotype.He K, Xu T, Goldkorn A. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. June 2011; 10(6): 938-948 Link
10/20/11 Tom Zangle Asymmetric Cancer Cell Division Regulated by AKT.Dey-Guha I, Wolfer A, Yeh AC, Albeck JG, Darp R, Leon E, Wulfkuhle J, III Petricoin EF, Wittner BS, Ramaswamy S. PNAS. 2 Aug 2011; 108(31): 12845-50 Link
8/25/11 Kiyoko Miyata Molecular Pathway and Cell State Responsible for Dissociation-Induced Apoptosis in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells.Ohgushi M, Matsumura M, Eiraku M, Murakami K, Aramaki T, Nishiyama A, Muguruma K, Nakano T, Suga H, Ueno M, Ishizaki T, Suemori H, Narumiya S, Niwa H, Sasai Y, Cell Stem Cell. 6 Aug 2010;7(2):225-239 Link
7/21/11 Nicole Walsh ATMIN Is Required for Maintenance of Genomic Stability and Suppression of B Cell Lymphoma. Loizou JI, Sancho R, Kanu N, Bolland DJ, Yang F, Rada C, Corcoran AE, Behrens A. Cancer Cell. 17 May 2011; 19(5):587-600 Link
5/19/11 Jessica Fowler The Membrane Skeleton Controls Diffusion Dynamics and Signaling through the B Cell Receptor. Treanor B, Depoil D, Gonzalez-Granja A, Barral P, Weber M, Dushek O, Bruckbauer A, Batista FD. Immunity. 18 Feb 2010; 32(2):187-199 Link
4/21/11 Angara Zambrano Activation of mTORC2 by Association with the Ribosome. Zinzalla V, Stracka D, Oppliger W, Hall MN. Cell. 2011 March 4; 144:757-768 Link
3/24/11 Olivia Schontzler Lkb1 Regulates Cell Cycle and Energy Metabolism in Haematopoietic Sem Cells. Nakada D, Saunders TL, Morrison SJ. Nature. 2010 Dec 10; 468:653-658 Link
2/14/11 Eriko Shimada Essential Regulation of Cell Bioenergetics by Constitutive InsP3 Receptor Ca2+ Transfer to Mitochondria. Cárdenas C, Miller RA, Smith I, Bui T, Molgó J, Müller M, Vais H, Cheung K-H, Yang J, Parker I, Thompson CB, Birnbaum MJ, Hallows KR, Foskett JK. Cell. 2010 July 23; 142(2): 270-283 Link
1/20/11 Jen Chun A Chromatin-Mediated Reversible Drug-Tolerant State in Cancer Cell Subpopulations. Sharma SV, Lee DY, Li B, Quinlan MP, Takahashi F, Maheswaran S, McDermott U, Azizian N, Zou L, Fischbach MA, Wong K-K, Brandstetter K, Wittner B, Ramaswamy S, Classon M, Settleman J. Cell. 2010 April 2; 141: 69-80 Link
10/28/10 Tom Zangle Intracellular Fluid Flow in Rapidly Moving Cells. Keren K, Yam PT, Kinkhabwala A, Mogilner A, Theriot JA. Nature Cell Biology. 2009 Sept 20; 11: 1219 – 1224 Link
9/30/10 Jin Zhang Activation of a Metabolic Gene Regulatory Network Downstream of mTOR Complex 1. Duvel K, Yecies JL, Menon S, Raman P, Lipovsky AI, Souza AL, Triantafellow E, Ma Q, Gorski R, Cleaver S, Vander Heiden MG, MacKeigan JP, Finan PM, Clish CB, Murphy LO, Manning BD. Molecular Cell. 2010 July 30; 39(2): 171-183 Link
8/12/10 Kiyoko Setoguchi-Miyata Parkin overexpression selects against a deleterious mtDNA mutation in heteroplasmic cybrid cells. Suen D-F, Narendra DR, Tanaka A, Manfredi G, Youle RJ. PNAS. 2010 May 20; 107(26): 11838-11840 Link
7/1/10 Nicole Walsh A MicroRNA Targeting Dicer for Metastasis Control. Martello G, Rosato A, Ferrari f, Manfrin A, Cordenonsi M, Dupont S, Enzo E, Guzzardo V, Rondina M, Spruce T, Parenti AR, Daidone MG, Bicciato S, Piccolo S. Cell. 2010 June 25; 141: 1195-1207 Link
5/27/10 Tom Zangle Using buoyant mass to measure the growth of single cells. Godin M, Delgado FF, Son S, Grover WH Bryan AK, Tzur A, Jorgensen P, Payer K, Grossman AD, Kirschner MW, Manalis SR. Nature. 2010 April 11; 7: 387-390 Link
4/29/10 Angara Zambrano New Roles for the LKB1-NUAK Pathway in Controlling Myosin PhosphataseComplexes and Cell Adhesion. Zagórska A, Deak M, Campbell DG, Banerjee S, Hirano M, Aizawa S, Prescott AR, Alessi DR. Science Signaling. 2010 March 30; 3(115), ra25 Link
3/11/10 Mara Sherman Reprogramming towards pluripotency requires AID-dependent DNA methylation. Bhutani N, Brady JJ, Damian M, Sacco A, Corbel SY, Blau HM. Nature. 2010 Feb 25; 463: 1042-1047 Link
1/14/10 Jin Zhang Differential methylation of tissue- and cancer-specific CpG island shores distinguishes human induced pluripotent stem cells, embryonic stem cells and fibroblasts. Doi A, Park I-H, Wen B, Murakami P, Aryee MJ, Irizarry R, Herb B, Ladd-Acosta C, Rho J, Loewer S, Miller J, Schlaege T, Daley GQ, Feinberg AP. Nature Genetics. 2009 Dec; 32 (12): 1350-1354 Link
9/17/09 Nicole Walsh SIK1 Couples LKB1 to p53-Dependent Anoikis and Suppresses Metastasis Cheng H, Liu P, Wang ZC, Zou L, Santiago S, Garbitt V, Gjoerup OV, Iglehart JD, Miron A, Richardson AL, Hahn WC, Zhao JJ. Science Signaling. 2009 July 21; 2 (80): p. ra35 Link
07/30/2009 Ivan Khvorostov Respiratory Active Mitochondrial Supercomplexes. Acin-Perez R, Fernandez-Silva P, Peleato ML, Perez-Martos A, Enriquez JA. Molecular Cell. 2008 Nov 21;32 (4): 529–539 Link
07/02/2009 Jin Zhang MicroRNA-145 Regulates OCT4, SOX2, and KLF4 and Represses Pluripotency in Human Embryonic Stem Cells. Xu N, Papagiannakopoulos T, Pan G, Thomson JA, Kosik KS. Cell. 2009 May 15;137(4):647-58 Link
05/21/2009 Mara Sherman Stabilization of snail by NF-kappaB is required for inflammation-induced cell migration and invasion.Wu Y, Deng J, Rychahou PG, Qiu S, Evers BM, Zhou BP. Cancer Cell. 2009 May 5;15(5):416-28 Link
04/30/2009 Nicole Walsh CtIP-BRCA1 modulatse the choice of DNA double-strand-break repair pathway throughout the cell cycle. Yun MH, Hiom K. Nature. 2009 Apr 8, e pub. Link
01/15/2009 Jin Zhang HIF-1 regulates cytochrome oxidase subunits to optimize efficiency of respiration in hypoxic cells. Fukuda R, Zhang H, Kim JW, Shimoda L, Dang CV, Semenza GL. Cell. 2007 Apr 6;129(1):111-22. Link
10/02/2008 Ivan K. Regulation of mitochondrial structure and function by the F1F0-ATPase inhibitor protein. Campanella M, et. al. Cell Metab. 2008 Jul;8(1):13-25 Link
8/28/2008 Matt Frank Multi-genetic events collaboratively contribute to Pten-null leukaemia stem-cell formation. Guo W, et. al. Nature, 2008 May 22;453(7194):529-33. Epub 2008 May 7 Link
7/31/2008 Mike T. In childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia, blasts at different stages of immunophenotypic maturation have stem cell properties. Cancer Cell. 2008 Jul 8; 14(1): 47-58 Link
8/17/2007 Wei Bo DNA repair is limiting for haematopoietic stem cells during ageing. Nature. 2007 Jun 7; 447(7145): 686-90 Link
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6/22/2006 Kathy S. Hematopoiesis controlled by distinct TIF1gamma and Smad4 branches of the TGFbeta pathway. Cell. 2006 Jun 2;125(5):929-41 Link
6/08/2006 Mike T. Pten dependence distinguishes haematopoietic stem cells from leukaemia-initiating cells. Nature. 2006 May 25;441(7092):475-82 Link
5/25/06 Hsiao-Wen c-Myc phosphorylation is required for cellular response to oxidative stress. Mol Cell. 2006 Feb 17;21(4):509-19 Link
5/04/06 Cynthia Recurrent fusion of TMPRSS2 and ETS transcription factor genes in prostate cancer. Science. 2005 Oct 28;310(5748):644-8 Link
4/13/06 Matt The tyrosine kinase Lck is a positive regulator of the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway by controlling Bak expression. Oncogene. 2006 Jan 12;25(2):186-97. Link
3/30/06 Sam E. The transcription factor MEF/ELF4 regulates the quiescence of primitive hematopoietic cells. Cancer Cell. 2006 Mar;9(3):175-187Link
3/16/2006 Jerry MicroRNAs 221 and 222 inhibit normal erythropoiesis and erythroleukemic cell growth via kit receptor down-modulation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2005 Dec 13;102(50):18081-6. Epub 2005 Dec 5 Link
3/02/2006 Deepa Signals from the sympathetic nervous system regulate hematopoietic stem cell egress from bone marrow. Cell. 2006 Jan 27;124(2):407-21 Link
2/2/2006 Kentaro The menin tumor suppressor protein is an essential oncogenic cofactor for MLL-associated leukemogenesis. Cell. 2005 Oct 21;123(2):207-18 Link
1/19/2006 Kelly Hypomethylation-linked activation of PAX2 mediates tamoxifen-stimulated endometrial carcinogenesis. Nature. 2005 Dec 15;438(7070):981-7 Link
1/5/2006 Gary TGF-beta directly targets cytotoxic T cell functions during tumor evasion of immune surveillance. Cancer Cell. 2005 Nov;8(5):369-80 Link
12/8/2005 Dave Global loss of imprinting leads to widespread tumorigenesis in adult mice. Cancer Cell. 8:275-285, 2005 Link
11/10/2005 Daphne Cytoskeletal remodelling and slow dynamics in the living cell. Nature Materials. 4:557-561, 2005 Link
10/27/2005 Sam F The melanocyte differentiation program predisposes to metastasis after neoplastic transformation. Nature Genetics. 37:1047-1054, 2005 Link
9/29/2005 Hsiao-Wen Succinate links TCA cycle dysfunction to oncogenesis by inhibiting HIF-alpha prolyl hydroxylase. Cancer Cell. 7:77-85, 2005 Link
9/15/2005 Mike PUMA Couples the Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Proapoptotic Function of p53. Science. 309:1732-1735, 2005 Link
9/1/2005 Matt Evasion of the p53 tumour surveillance network by tumour-derived MYC mutants. Nature. 436:807-811, 2005 Link
8/18/2005 Cynthia Crucial role of p53-dependent cellular senescence in suppression of Pten-deficient tumorigenesis. Nature. 436:725-730, 2005 Link
8/4/2005 Ali Identification of bronchioalveolar stem cells in normal lung and lung cancer. Cell. 121:823-835, 2005 Link
7/21/2005 Rhine A genetic screen for candidate tumor suppressors identifies REST. Cell. 121:837-848, 2005 Link
7/7/2005 Sarah The cell-cycle checkpoint kinase Chk1 is required for mammalian homologous recombination repair. Nature Cell Biology. 7:195-201, 2005 Link
6/23/2005 Dave Inhibitors of histone deacetylases induce tumor-selective apoptosis through activation of the death receptor pathway. Nature Medicine. 11:71-76, 2005 Link
6/2/2005 Daphne Observation of nuclear fusion driven by a pyroelectric crystal. Nature. 434:1115-1117, 2005 [link
5/19/2005 Mike Phosphorylation and functional inactivation of TSC2 by Erk implications for tuberous sclerosis and cancer pathogenesis. Cell. 121:179-193, 2005 Link
5/5/2005 Matt hDOT1L links histone methylation to leukemogenesis. Cell. 121:167-178, 2005 Link
4/21/2005 Sam Control of cell proliferation and apoptosis by mob as tumor suppressor, mats. Cell. 120:675-685, 2005 Link
4/14/2005 Hsiao-Wen Positive contribution of pathogenic mutations in the mitochondrial genome to the promotion of cancer by prevention from apoptosis. Cancer Research. 65:1655-1663, 2005 Link
3/3/2005 Cynthia Oncogene, adv online pub Link
2/17/2005 Ali Specific peptide interference reveals BCL6 transcriptional and oncogenic mechanisms in B-cell lymphoma cells. Nature Med. 10:1329-1355, 2004 Link
2/3/2005 Rhine Role of the proto-oncogene Pokemon in cellular transformation and ARF repression. Nature. 433:278-285, 2005 Link
1/20/2005 Sarah Genome-wide survey of protein kinases required for cell cycle progression. Nature. 432:980-987, 2004 Link
1/6/2005 Dave Gastric cancer originating from bone marrow-derived cells. Science. 306: 1568-1571, 2004 Link
12/9/2004 Mike The BCL6 proto-oncogene suppresses p53 expression in germinal-centre B cells. Nature. 432:635-639, 2004 Link
11/11/2004 Daphne Efficient active transport of gene nanocarriers to the cell nucleus. PNAS. 100:3878-3882, 2004 Link
10/28/2004 Mike MTA3 and the Mi-2/NuRD complex regulate cell fate during B lymphocyte differentiation. Cell. 119:75-86, 2004 Link
10/14/2004 Mike Inhibition of Akt kinase activity by a peptide spanning the betaA strand of the proto-oncogene TCL1. J Biol Chem. 2004 Dec 17;279(51):53407-18 Link
9/23/2004 Matt Human PAD4 regulates histone arginine methylation levels via demethylimination. Science. 2004 Oct 8;306(5694):279-83 Link
9/2/2004 Ksenia Survival signalling by Akt and eIF4E in oncogenesis and cancer therapy. Nature. 2004 428:332-337 Link
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